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He is a beautiful, creative soul who gave his sincere friendship and love to everyone he knew.

Your presence we miss,

Your memory we treasure,

Loving you always,

Forgetting you never,

Nikolaos Stamatelatos

12-15-33 to 10-18-03


The following are a series of pictures detailing the last year including Holidays and some mementos from a trip to Nick's birth place in Kefalonia. Each picture tells a story of what has been a very hard year for us.

The angel above is of particular meaning as is the cross below. They were constant companions of our Father during his last stay in the hospital and it feels like a tangible link between us and where he is now.


Thanksgiving 2003

in special honor of Nick



Christmas 2003

Christmas tree lighting at St. Paul's church


Bench erected by our family at Nick's resting place to commemorate his memory.

Nick was very proud of his birthplace and very proud to be Greek. It gave him immense pride to think of the Olympics finally coming home to Athens.


This stone was picked from Mytros Beach close to Nick's birthplace on the island of Kefalonia off the east coast of Greece. A piece of Kefalonia is now with us in New York and Nick will always have some of his homeland with him.

Some of Nick's siblings are still based in Gustuni, the town Nick relocated to as a young boy from Kefalonia.
Many members of his family are resting there including his parents, above is a picture of Nick alongside his parents that was added there by siblings from Greece. By having his picture there, a piece of Nick is resting there too.

This is a tree planted at Nick's resting place. It will grow tall, strong and be a beautiful marker and testament to an amazing man.

This is a section of our garden carefully planted and tended with our own hands that will be a place to sit and think, a sanctuary in our Father's honor that will bloom and grow with the coming of the seasons.


The memorial cards for the Anniversary are below front and back



A carnation from each of Nick's daughters given to us on Father's Day from church.


Our priest Blessing Nick on the Anniversary ceremony at Nick's resting place on October 18, 2004


After the ceremony we released 12 balloons, one for each month since Nicks passing.