A Wonderful Dad

I couldn't imagine a more wonderful Dad,
for taking on the most important job you'll ever have.

Throughout the years, you've always been
A wonderful man to me

When I was small, you took the time
to bounce me on your knee.


As I grew older, you were there
I only had to call

I knew that I could count on you,
You'd never let me fall.


So many hard times in my life,
You've helped to get me through,

I'm so glad that I've been given
A Father like you!


If someone were to ask me
Why I'm so proud of you,

I'd say so many reasons
But here are just a few.

Your caring manner
With all of us,

Your sacrificing way
Your knowing life's priorities

In living day to day.
Your goal to give to each of us

The things we most desire,
Your time to be that Family man
Is what I most admire.

And though I rarely tell you
How much these mean to me,

I realize that you're a man
of rare quality!