One Year Without Nick

I grieve with you, you grieve for me, but I am free I followed the road that He laid for me.

He took my hand so I wouldn't fall, I went with Him, I left it all!

I know my leaving broke your heart, you grieve because we are apart.

You are burdened with pain and sorrow, I pray that it will be better tomorrow.

My life with you was full of joy, I'll love you forever for all you've done.

Did you know that I can still pray from here? I pray for YOU because I see so clear.

I know His plan - it's incredible and grand, I can't explain it - you can't understand.

You think my life there was far too brief? I would never wish to cause you this grief.

I feel no pain, no sorrow - I'm happy and free! God wanted me , so he sent for me.

Soon he'll gently call you Home, Imagine the joy,  to see you come.