Goodbye Daddy, Goodbye


The shadows were never quite as scary,
as they were in my room last night,

nor my eyes quite as weary, when I glanced upon your face.
The quiet seemed so troubled and eerie,
in a breath the night was over.

I know that wishes are make-believe but still my heart pretends
that you're still here besides me, safe, sound.

Now all my thoughts are filled with memories, memories that fill a void,
a void left deep within me that will never go away.

Sometimes when images are not quite clear
and my heart is full of sorrow,

I search to find a trace of yesterday
to bring comfort that seems so far away.

I'm told that time will ease my pain
but it seems that time has stopped,

for several seasons have come and gone
and the nightmares still persist, in my dreams, in my thoughts, in my heart.

But happy thoughts ARE coming and grief is slowly fading
so maybe with some patience and a little luck,
I'll be okay with just your memory.