October Day

"What is so rare as a day in June?

Nothing, unless it is a day in October, and today has been just such a day.

Nature is fast approaching her day of rest.

The sky is so blue you can see into heaven.

The leaves are falling softly, their vivid colors making a carpet fit for a king.

The sun is soft and warm and the silence is broken only by those sounds you wish to hear.

The twitter of the blue birds out in the fence row, the harsh cry of the flicker and off in the distance the pileated woodpecker.

The fox squirrel is barking his challenge to my greyhound pup to their daily game of tag.

My bird feeder is a busy place. The titmouse, the chickadee, the house sparrow, the nuthatch have shown good table manners.

Not so the jaybird, he jumps up and down and shouts to all within hearing distance to come and get it


"The mallards are still on the pond, and finally that long awaited sight and sound of wild geese as they follow the sun south.

The whine of a jet made me realize I had work to do, those things that make a house a home.

I turned to take one final look and I thought it is true.

Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like unto an October day in the Ozarks."