The Loss of Daddy



Daddy, where did you go?

You were right beside me

Strong arms hugging me tightly

Whiskers scratching my face. . .

But then,


Slow down!

I can't run as fast!


Daddy, it's bright in this tunnel, I can barely see you.

What are you saying?

I can't hear you, all I hear is a deafening


I can't see you!

I can't see anything except white fogged light.

Daddy, the lights fading, the fog is choking me,

darkness is enveloping me!

I'm scared.


Daddy, help me.

It's so dark,


I feel over something.

A flash of yellow light, like a match being lit.

I look in the direction of the light,

All I see is grave stone,

Your grave stone.

Daddy, where are you?

Please come back.

I'm lost.

Lost in a never ending nightmare of loneliness.