Common grief responses
Following are some common responses to loss. Everyone does not necessarily experience all of these responses, nor are they presented in any set order.
'i feel like I'm on 'automatic pilot' '
'This feels like a bad dream,' ' it can't be true.'
You feel like a robot. You hear the words, but don't comprehend. you feel bewildered, stunned. Emotions seem frozen inside you. this is nature's way of 'softening the blow, ' or helping to cushion your mood and heart until you can face the emotions or grief.
'Why me,' 'why him,' ' why her,' ' why now?'
This is a very normal grief reaction and is often directed at ourselves, other, the person who passed, or at God. It is important to release anger in healthy and appropriate ways (i.e., walking, swimming, cleaning, talking it out, etc.)
 IF ONLY...' 'DID I DO ENOUGH,' ' did I do the right thing?'
You may find you blame yourself for something you did/didn't do or something you wish you would have done. These feelings are normal, though not always realistic. talk these feelings over with someone who will listen eventually you will come to realize that we do the best we can do with what we know at the time!