Unique Grief

We can expect that in general, grief will move from shock (i.e., why him/her? This is just a bad dream, etc.) to a period of great disorganization characterized by many of the physical, emotional and cognitive reactions. We will continue to a reorganizing period. We will look back on the grief experience as a time of courage and strength. We will begin to find our own answers to some of the spiritual/philosophical questions ( i.e., ' Life is worth living - it is a different life, but it's OK, ' and 'My life is not the same. I am not the same')
Grief has its own timetable. There are no 'should' or definite stages suggesting you feel better by two months, six months or even one year. Well, meaning, but misinformed friends and relatives may suggest 'You should be over this now,' or 'Shape up; life is for the living.' Don't pressure yourself, you can't force your grief to disappear.
No two people wear their grief in exactly the same way. The uniqueness of the relationship creates this uniqueness of response. Sometimes, what looks to us as not caring or insensitivity is just a different way of grieving.
Your feelings are your feelings -- just let them be. Be gentle with yourself and don't judge your feelings as good or bad.